Friday, December 10, 2010

Nice kicks

I went shopping this morning for gifts for our Angel Tree kid. This year we picked a 5 year old girl who wanted play-doh, a baby doll, and long sleeve shirts. Since the tag also had her shoe size I couldn't resist picking up these adorable shoes.
If I could get my Goliath feet into them I would. Brown suede with felt flowers - too cute!

I officially finished all of my Christmas shopping today, just hope it all gets delivered on time!


Lisa Dovichi said...

I. Hate. You.

You should NEVER be able to say you're OFFICIALLY done with your Christmas Shopping this soon before Christmas.

I have so much to do and only 2 weekends to do it in.

Susana & Chris said...

It's this thing called the "Internet". Ask Al Gore about it.