Sunday, March 27, 2011

Invitation to partnership

This afternoon was a lunch at the First Baptist Church up in p-town that I grew up in for Susan C. to share with the congregation about her upcoming missionary assignment in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Mom met me there so that she could hear about C's new adventure and have a chance to pledge her monthly support.
The tables were decorated in a tropical theme to get our minds on the PNG way of life.
While we dined on our lunch of rice, teriyaki chicken and green beans, Todd and C. took turns talking to everyone about their plans and how we could participate.
Afterwards they retreated to a table in the back of the room full of information about their missionary work and forms for financial support for anyone who was interested.
We sat at C's table and had a good time trading plantain recipes with Todd after his recent trip to Samoa. He also filled us in on their upcoming April presentations where hopefully they'll get the rest of the financial pledges they need in order to be able to ship off to PNG in January 2012 as planned.

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