Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie mania

And by "mania" I mean that we watched two movies today. We went to the theater for the first showing of Unknown (Liam Neeson) this morning to capitalize on the $5 first showing of the day price. We both really enjoyed it. There was action, suspense, and a plot twist neither of us saw coming. After doing some chores and watching NASCAR in the afternoon we watched our recording of When in Rome (Kristen Bell & Josh Duhamel). A romantic comedy - what's not for the Canadian to love?

Today was my third day in my compression stocking, having graduated from my cast boot. While it was frustrating me the first day since you have to be more conscience about what pants you wear over it as the top of the stocking creates a sort of "muffin ass" effect that is very noticeable under knit/fitted pants, I have come to peace with it and actually like the snug compression it's providing my whole leg all day. It's only for day wear so I still have to take it off and wrap my foot in bandages at night. No more sleeping in for a while since it's takes an extra 15-20 minutes to get my leg undressed and then redressed. Slowly but surely I'm seeing progress in my foot and the fluids are getting pushed out. I still have fat little piggy toes, but continuous individual wrapping at night should eventually help solve that.

Since it's Sunday it's one of our workout nights at the gym which is usually followed by a little night time snack. Tonight's choice for the Canadian?
Lime sherbet, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and marshmallows. And no, he's not pregnant, I asked.

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