Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the kitchen

Today was my second day at home nursing a stubborn cold. I'm sure I'll be back at work tomorrow since my coughing and sniffles seem to be subsiding. That means no more dinner on the table when Chris walks in the door from work.
Personal pizzas to order. Chicken pesto for me and bbq chicken and bacon for the boy. It'll be back to Chris slowly dying on the couch of starvation while I make a racket in the kitchen.

Tomorrow is a co-workers birthday and since one of the few treats I know he'll eat is rice crispy treats I asked Chris to please make a batch tonight. I didn't want people to avoid them if I made them in fear of my cooties.
I scraped the crumbs out of the mixing pot and they were delicious. I can't wait until they set up so I can shovel mass quantities into my mouth.

Tonight kicked off the initial assault of "Operation: Payback" against our dill-hole, white trash neighbors across the street. The man of the house seems to buy a new (used) car every week, park them all over the street and then sell them only to buy more. Even though they know we park in front of our house on the street (along the side street) they've decided to long-term park one of their wrecks there so now Chris is having to park further away from the house. So, to repay the favor, he's parked the truck in front of their house and so far forced their sailor-mouthed daughter to park down the street. Mwhahahahaaaa!!!! Tune in for the next episode where Chris starts up the sleepy diesel at 7:30 am right after the mom comes home and goes to sleep from her graveyard shift job. This shall provide us with hours of entertainment!

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