Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Buster the burro

Even though our 4th wedding anniversary isn't until tomorrow I gave the Canadian his gift tonight because I wanted him to take it to work with him in the morning. May I introduce you to Buster the Burro;
It is a ceramic planter that is packing some jade plants and succulents. Perfect for the 4th anniversary flowers and fruit theme. They're like flowers for men. I think the Canadian approves!
They will be a very happy couple in Chris' office.


Anni said...

Has the Canadian been stewing in that shirt all week, or was that some lucky timing?

Chris said...

Pretty high % that shirt hasn't been washed in a couple weeks.

Drink it in.

kath said...

Forget about the's Buster that steals the show! Great gift for the guy that has it and lots of motorcycle stuff!