Friday, March 11, 2011

What is that smell?

Oh, apparently it's beer brewing night,
I think it smells like skunk stew, but Chris thinks it's how heaven will smell.

Sooooooo, bunko was a roaring success and now I am off the hook for the rest of the year. The ladies loved their prizes and enjoyed all the snacks, but I completely forgot to serve my poke cake dessert amidst all the cleaning up. So we ended up with a whole 9x13 cake to ourselves.
My green jello gave it just the right amount of St. Paddy's Day flair.

Um, something is apparently in our kitchen heating vent. We can hear it scratching, but since it's up high on the wall we can't see what it is. Chris grabbed a broom and after rapping on the vent cover, quickly closed it. Hopefully whatever it is doesn't crawl to the ceiling vent in the bedroom, escape and then eat our faces off in the night. That would be bad.

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