Thursday, September 27, 2012

Death by cupcakes

I have a co-worker, Doug, who is notorious for bringing in treats to share with the office that are always out of date. One year for Valentine's Day he brought in day old donuts and wrote in sharpie on the box that they were fine if you nuked them first for a few seconds. I think a lot of the treats he brings are from his wife who works at their church food pantry and sends Doug with food they can't accept, like baked goods. Yesterday he brought mini cupcakes that were already four days past their "best by" date and once people realized who brought them the interest in the cupcakes waned. I even saved the life of a co-worker by damn near swatting a cupcake out of his hand when I saw him innocently reaching for one. And what do I get for my good deeds? I get stalked by those little clusters of moldy death. After I got back to my desk from working the counter I found this waiting for me;
and when I turned to answer my phone...
and when I reached up to grab my stapler...
There was no escaping their sinister stares. Once again, I blame one of the boys at work for trying to terrorize me!

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