Saturday, September 1, 2012

Braving the outdoors

Dear 3-day weekend, you are my best friend. We celebrated this glorious occasion by sleeping in until almost 9:00 a.m. this morning. But instead of wasting the entire day, we had breakfast and then headed out on our bikes to a neighborhood park about a 15 minute bike ride away to play catch until we got all hot and sweaty.
I wouldn't want to lose all my mad softball skillz by not playing again for another 15 years. Besides taking a rocket ship straight to the palm of my glove, we had some good tosses. I made sure to wear my new Weight Watchers pedometer that I got yesterday. You connect it to the computer to download your activity for the day so you can see what times of the day/week you're more active and adjust your lazy ass accordingly.
As you can see it's pretty small and comes with two style clips to clip to your clothes or belt or on a chain. For the first 8 days it's just doing an assessment of your normal movements and then after that it'll determine your baseline activity level and will light up in 25% increments to show you how close you are each day to meeting that minimum target with the idea being to go above and beyond that. I'm a little scared because I work out in the morning before work and again in the evenings so I fear that my baseline activity will be fairly high and therefore kind of hard to get my activity level above 100%, but we'll see.

I went to a new eating/drinking establishment this week in Chico with my lady friends (a mix of current and previous co-workers). It's called Wine Time and is located on the north end of Esplanade just before Eaton. It's a refurbished barn and is beauuuuutiful. Obviously their main attraction is wine, but they have an extensive    tapas menu to order from while downing, I mean tastefully sipping, your Moscato.
Each of us ordered a plate of tapas to share with the group. I picked the meat and cheese platter which had thin cut slices of pepperoni, prosciutto, and two different kinds of salami plus a variety of cheeses cut into little cubes. Dina, at my urging, got a mixed sampler platter that had dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves), goat cheese stuffed red peppers (my FAVORITE), garlic olives, feta cheese in pesto, and almonds that had been coated in a tangy red wine vinegar glaze. And before Dina and I got there (we were late because of stupid traffic on 99 - the bane of my existence!!) the other ladies had already ordered a couple of the flatbread pizzas. All of it was wonderful and I'm sure the Canadian will love it when I make him put on a shirt with sleeves and take him over there.

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