Sunday, September 16, 2012

When art and cars go bad

After church today we drove over to Durham for their annual Car Show fundraiser put on by the local Rotary. Along with cars they also had arts and crafts booths, tractor and engine displays, and pony rides. These were American cars, so not our favorite, but still fun to look at. Especially this gem;
After a lunch of tri-tip and brats, we hit the craft booths where I came across these little goodies;
They're nut and fruit mixes that are super tasty. I got a plain one and another that has some cayenne mixed in for a sweet and spicy flavor. I already mixed some in my yogurt for an afternoon snack. They have a website you can order from and they're just over in Forest Ranch so they could practically throw it to my house. Overall, an entertaining way to kill a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon.

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