Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saying goodbye

Two years ago there were 24 people working in my office. Now there are 13. Actually, make that 12 since one of my last comrade-in-arms' last day was Thursday. In celebration of her impending freedom we had a potluck lunch (that I brought bbq beef in a crockpot with buns to) plus an after work celebration at another co-worker's house that involved copious amounts of alcohol and Mexican food.
Party honoree Kelly, Kari, and me

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. I need to buckle down and do the August financial reports for the church and pay some church bills, but as usual, I'm dragging my feet because there's a million other things I'd rather do, like nothing at all. 

We did a small trip over to Old Navy this afternoon so that I could use my $10 off of $25 that my friend Lulu gave me. The Canadian found some cheap workout shirts and a zip up hoodie, so in his chivalrous fashion, he also picked up the tab for my new leopard print dress (meooow) and beaded long sleeve shirt. We also stopped at the brewery because my new co-worker works per diem (on call for special events) there and gets a substantial discount at the gift shop with which she's offered to pick us up stuff since she's ready to put in her notice of resignation at the end of the month. So we went and made a shopping list of t-shirts and a sweater for her to buy for us next time she's there. While there we also found a new style of  the specialty beers they're releasing with the monks out in Vina that I haven't seen in the regular store yet so we grabbed a bottle. It was a Belgian-style Golden, whatever that means.  

Fast forward an hour, now we're plopped on the couch, each with our own laptops open on our laps watching some PGA golf. That's how you show the weekend who's boss! 

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