Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out and about

I didn't sleep fantastic last night since I'd taken a late, long nap thinking I was going to work the night shift at work. Last I remember, I was still looking at the clock at 2:00 am. Since we woke up at a decent time this morning, around 8:30, we decided to go to our favorite breakfast place, The Waffle House, for breakfast.
Poached eggs, hashbrowns and a giant fluffy waffle. Yum. After we got home I skedaddled over to Kohls to use my $10 off coupon and found two cute sweaters on clearance that came to a grand total of $15.
I love Kohls, they have the best deals.

Even though it was cold and snowy yesterday, it's bright sunshine and clear skies today. Even all the plants think it's spring.
Now it just needs to warm up enough for us to be outside to enjoy it.

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