Saturday, February 5, 2011

74 degrees and windy

A beautiful, beautiful day today - 74 sunny degrees with a hair-raising 50 mph wind factor. Not that I was enjoying it though, too busy paying church bills;
and doing dishes;
But I did get a good view of the sunset while making dinner;
Now we're just kicking back watching some boob tube while I look through my mounds of magazines and books. In particular, the new Seattle travel book we picked up last night at B&N;
It's the same book we got for Chicago and Washington D.C. I like the way the sections are broken down and the good information it gives on attractions. Plus they come with maps. What a deal! Unfortunately they didn't have a similar one for Victoria B.C. so we're going to have to stick with the travel guides the tourism center sent us. And best of all, they were free.

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