Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bionic foot

Today was my first day of physical therapy for my fat foot. Chris went with me to be a second set of eyes and ears about what kind of exercises and massages I'm supposed to be doing. My therapist started by having me lay down on the exam table and starting at my neck, started massaging areas where lymph nodes were. Neck, armpits, stomach, upper thigh, behind the knees, and then she also spent time actually massaging my scar tissue on the inner thigh before moving to my calf and foot. She would push upward, slowly and methodically and then start massaging the lymph nodes at the upper thigh to keep the fluid moving. When she was done it was time to mummify my foot in seven layers of bandages.
A cotton stocking went on first and then a layer of stretchy bandages followed by a thick padding and finally encased in ace bandages.
I get to wear a sweet little hospital bootie to cover my toes and keep my bandages clean when not wearing my super chic velcro walking shoe. The best part being that the $75 cast boot I bought was the wrong one and the medical supply store will not take back and/or refund those items once sold due to chance of infection. Thankfully the therapist let me use an extra walking shoe she had in the office so I wouldn't have to go buy another one.

I go back in the morning for my next session where she'll take off my bandages and do all the massages again. In the mean time, I can't get it wet or take off the bandages, but I can exercise in it and in fact she wants me to constantly be working that leg. Anything that makes the calf muscle work will help move fluids out of my foot. I can't wait to see my sleeker, skinnier foot in the morning!

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