Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knock knock

Who's there?

Two little girls with a wagon full of....
Girl Scout cookies! I could only scrounge up enough money for one box and unfortunately they were already out of Thin Mints so Tagalongs (Hoe Downs to us old school Girl Scouts) were my second choice. Only because the Canadian hates coconut so I couldn't pick the magically delicious Samoas (aka Jubilees). For $4 a box these had better be the best freaking cookies I eat all year!

Knowing that I would soon be immobilized with my cast boot I decided I'd better get out and start doing my bunko prize shopping asap. So I spent a couple of hours this afternoon elbowing my way through the crowds of slow moving college kids downtown and was rewarded with three of my five prizes.
I found a necklace and earring rack for my $20 gift, a super cute bathtub shaped soap dish from Christian & Johnson (gift wrapped in the pretty red paper) and a scented bar of soap from Made in Chico to go with it for the $15 gift, and a reusable shopping bag from Bird in Hand for one of the $10 gifts. I just need another $10 and $5 gift. We're going to B&N tonight so I'm going to run next door to Michael's and look there for stuff too.

I also stopped by Target and picked up a new Valentine's shirt for this year. Kari and I always wear our holiday shirts to work, but I don't like my old Valentine's shirt so a new one was in order.
Long sleeve black with bling. It will go nicely with my conversation heart earrings. Go ahead and be jealous of my holiday cuteness, I'll wait.

Big plans for tomorrow involve a trip to O'ville for lunch at the new brewery at Feather Falls Casino. They finally got their licensing in order to serve their own microbrews and have a sampler platter of the seven brews that Chris is excited to try. After that kind of commute I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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