Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catered by cupid

For Valentine's dinner I picked up a catered dinner for two from Bacio's catering (in the old Kramore Inn).
Gourmet crackers with a sun-dried tomato cheese spread (amazing!), salad with gorgonzola cheese, candied pecans and cranberries, french rolls, sauteed winter veggies, stuffed chicken and lemon orzo for me and tuscan flank steak and roasted red potatoes for the boy. Everything was cooked, it just needed to be heated up in the oven. Plus there was dessert;
Mini chocolate lava cakes with a raspberry custard. Add a little champagne and you've got yourself a pretty nice evening.
After dinner we watched The Town (with Ben Affleck) which Chris had redboxed for the evening. Though violent in parts, it was a really good movie. I had an excellent evening hanging out with my Valentine.

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kath said...

It's nice to see that romance is alive somewhere...
Here, we celebrated by signing over $166K to buy our house and pay the prop taxes up to date. Then we ate a rotisserie chicken from Freddies and were dead in bed by 8pm!