Thursday, February 24, 2011

A different kind of soup

Mmmm....tasty bandage soup.
When I had my bandages replaced yesterday morning my therapist sent me home with the used ones to wash and hang dry for Friday's bandage change. And for the $111 I had to pay the hospital for all six of my ace bandages, there's no way I'm throwing these out for new ones!

So far so good with therapy. Yesterday she taught me how to do the lymphatic massages myself and I have a series of them I'm supposed to do at least once a day. The only difficulty I've had was the first night in bandages was so extremely painful on my foot that by 2:00 a.m. I retreated to the couch so I could prop my foot up until the foot fell asleep and quit aching so bad. I got no sleep and was absolutely miserable. But after I explained what happened at my next session she made sure to add more padding to the front of my ankle and wrapped the bandages a little looser. Last night I slept with my foot on one pillow and it was perfect. Not a peep out of it all night.

Today we're expecting snow up in p-town again. In fact they had me set up the call center for Emergency Operations Center last thing yesterday just in case 17 feet of snow drops today. Highly unlikely, but certain staff members are so excitable about such things that they just go crazy with ordering plows and scheduling all staff members on active emergency duty. As soon as it's 5:00 pm I'll be running out the doors before they try to make me stay to man the call center!

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