Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eatin' good in the 'ville

For a late lunch today we cruised over to Oroville to try out the new brewery at Feather Falls Casino. It was easy to locate right outside the main entrance to the casino with it's own entryway.
We asked for a seat outside under the veranda you see there by the front doors. I'd already studied the menu online so I knew exactly what I wanted and the boy was easy as long as he got his sampler.
The sampler was served in the cutest little 4 oz slim mugs and came with a guide that described each of the seven brews. Our lunch quickly arrived and we were served our seafood tacos (grilled halibut, salmon, lobster and shrimp) and salmon club sandwich with garlic fries.
The food was ridiculously delicious and incredibly cheap. The best seafood tacos we've ever had. And the beer wasn't bad either! Chris thoroughly enjoyed the sampler and was especially impressed with the hefeweisen and the dark ale.
We were already listing off all the people we wanted to take there so I know we're going back again. And hopefully sooner rather than later.

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