Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday cookies

Tuesday is not only the Canadian's birthday, but my co-worker Wendy's birthday. And Wendy's weakness are homemade, soft chocolate chip cookies. Since I took Tuesday off for my pre-op appointment with my surgeon, and to celebrate Chris' birthday, I made Wendy's cookies today so that I could bring them to work tomorrow for her.
Of course Chris and I had to do a little quality control, make sure they were soft enough, and what better way to wash down warm chocolate chip cookies than with mocha mint flavored coffee? I'd stopped at Michael's yesterday and picked up some cellophane bags to stack the cookies in and close up with a festive tie for Wendy, so when they cooled down enough I packed up a cute little stack of six cookies for her. What? You thought I was going to give her all four dozen? Please, I would never do that to a fellow dieting co-worker. That, and the fact the Canadian would crumble into a pool of tears if I came them all away. When Chris could smell the cookies baking he asked what I was making for my co-workers. He doesn't even assume they're for him anymore. Sad panda.


Lisa Dovichi said...

Pre op? Are you getting the next part of your surgeries done? Or is it for something else?

Those cookies look delicious. Where's mine? :D

Susana & Chris said...

Part Deux commences Nov 10th. Tomorrow he takes notes, photos and give us post-op care procedures. I'm excited because it means I'm almost done! I mean, completely sliced up from my knees to the top of my chest, but well worth it.