Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting schooled in Sacramento

Since I was going to be late getting home tonight because I had class in Sacramento again today, we did our regular Friday night Barnes & Noble trip last night instead. And while out on that side of town, we stopped at Lowe's for the boy to price new garage shelving.
"I think I've found another clue, Blue." That's immediately what I thought of when he whipped out his little detective pad.

So, today was my last class in Sacramento. Loved the course, it was about mapping laws for subdividing land. The kind of stuff I have to review at work.
When I ran back out to my car during one of the breaks I noticed a sticker on the back window of the car parked next to me.
A Panamanian flag! How random is that? That's going to be my next tattoo - I'm thinking on the inside of my left wrist (so I can cover it with my watch).

On my way home it starting raining as I got close to P-town. The news said it would start sprinkling today and work its way up to real rain by Sunday. I'm ready for sweater weather - bring it on!!


Lisa Dovichi said...

Get out of my head. As soon as I saw a picture of the Canadian I thought the same thing about having found another clue, Blue!!!

Too funny.

That'd be an awesome tattoo by the way. I'm going to do another one when I reach my goal weight in celebration!

A tramp stamp.. Oh yeah baby! (not really -- I like your little feet ones, I'm thinking about doing something on my foot)

Susana & Chris said...

Foot tattoos are easy and don't look as trashy. Plus you can see it. The one on my back I never see.