Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stewy weather

Much to my delight/dismay it decided to rain this morning while I was in church which of course I did not anticipate and therefore did not wear a jacket with a hood or closed toed shoes. And not just light sprinkles, but a torrential downpour. And even better was that I promised Chris I would run to Trader's after church to pick up potatoes for the stew that I forgot when grocery shopping. So off I sloshed through rivers of water in the parking lot to buy the perfect fingerling potatoes for Chef Chris which he transformed into a delicious rainy day stew.
A nice warm treat for a nice chilly day. It never got above 60 degrees today so we mainly stayed inside and watched TV. I spent a little time in my craft room and finished up the rest of my photos.
Later in the evening we went on a stroll around the block before heading over to the gym a little earlier than normal. Now we've got a little extra time to wind down for the evening before crawling into bed on brand new flannel sheets for the coziest sleep ever. What an excellent plan!

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Lisa Dovichi said...

I just got new flannel sheets to. Are you stalking me?