Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthdays and Bunko

Tuesday night I had a hot date with Susan and the boys so that a) I could drop off Connor's birthday gifts and b) I could score a free, hot dinner before bunko. Connor turned three on the 8th, but his party was on my birthday so I couldn't make it this year since it was my Sunday to sing and we were having birthday lunch for me. Besides, turning two 3's trumps only turning one 3. Anyway, Connor was happy to stop playing on the computer long enough to rip open his gifts.
A new VeggieTales movie and card game and a new winter coat (per his mom's request). In exchange the boys gave me my gift which was a really cute pumpkin decoration and thanksgiving sign that are currently decorating my work desk. After visiting and dinner I headed up to the far north for bunko. As expected, I dominated their moldy oldie asses and won "most 5's" netting me a cute set of fall themed kitchen towels.
Yes, those are ridiculously cute Hello Kitty Halloween stickers. Next month is my turn to host bunko so I brought home the bunko basket full of the supplies and money to do my gift shopping with. I've already bought three of the five gifts and have plans to check out Michael's for the other two over the weekend.

Today I spent the day in Sacramento for a UC Davis Extension class about subdivisions. By the grace of God I managed to make it there and back without getting lost. There were white knuckle moments, but I managed to avoid any calamities. It's been a long day though, I left home at 6:00 am and got home just after 6:00 pm. I'm going to sleep good (and early) tonight.

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Lisa Dovichi said...

"moldy oldie asses"

OMG!!! I am dying over here. You have such a way with words.