Friday, October 8, 2010

I wonder what it tastes like...

A little something-something showed up at my front door today from one of my sisters for my birthday, but don't worry Jessica, I didn't open it yet.
But I sure wonder what it tastes like..... (my youngest sister would always say that when she wanted you to offer her some of whatever you had).

Since it was Friday I brought home all of my birthday cards from work and made a lovely tribute to myself on the shelf above the TV for all to enjoy.
Count 'em - eight cards! That's eight people who like me enough to buy me a card. And you thought I didn't know that many people - ha!

On a whim I bought tickets this morning to the Oktoberfest event at Sierra Nevada tomorrow. I saw an ad in the paper yesterday and remembered about it this morning. It's out in their hop fields and for the price of admission you get a stein, two drink tickets, and a traditional Oktoberfest meal full of kraut and meat. It's from 4-10 pm tomorrow and sounds like a lot of fun. Especially the "hardcore polka band"!

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