Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you seeing this??

The old man and I ventured out today and went to the movies to see Unstoppable. It's the runaway train movie with Denzel and Chris Pine. It was surprisingly very, very good. Chris is a fan of any Tony or Ridley Scott movie (this was Tony). We haven't been to the movies in a couple of weeks so it was nice to get back to our normal routine.

While we were there I ran over to Trader's to get some milk and while in line was sucked in by these little beauties;
Chocolate covered joe-joe's. OMG. And in four mouthwatering flavors...
Dear joe-joe's, I love you. Hey! No peeking around the corner trying to read the nutritional stats! If you have to look, then you can't afford (to eat) these things...but those two cookies I just ate were the best 260 calories I've consumed all week!

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