Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bulletin board banditos

About two weeks ago I was called in to the assistant head-cheese's office and assigned the glorious task of revamping the outside bulletin boards where we post notices and agenda for commission and council. I scratched out an idea on paper and sold it to her, but then had the unfortunate task of making my sketch a reality. Knowing that I was in over my head, I called in the assistance of my live-in handyman, Chris. He took my idea, improved it, and helped me get all the supplies I needed and basically built the damn things for me.
A mock up of the project;
It's two, 2.5' x 3' pieces of particle board covered in a brown burlap that each have two pieces of trim board (painted black) that have little hooks screwed in them to hang the paper off of. And then, instead of having to paint some wood letters black, I found 6" black chipboard letters at the scrapbook store for only $0.50 each that Chris shot with a quick spray of black paint to help reduce fading. I think we're (Chris) actually going to get one side completed tonight which is great since Tuesday is my last day at work until December. Then I can get boss-lady off my back (and never agree to any other ridiculous project)!

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