Sunday, November 14, 2010

New bling

I got some new Silpada earrings in the mail yesterday that I'd ordered from a co-workers party.
Big, free formed silver disks. I really like them - they're simple and classy. Did you notice....I'm not wearing a housecoat. I've got a loose purple dress on over my compression garment. It's going to be in the low 70s today so it was too stinkin' hot to be wearing a full length fleece housecoat. I'm down to a half pill every six hours and it's doing wonders for me. No more dizziness and nauseousness. This afternoon I'll throw some shoes on my swollen feet and go for a little jaunt around the block. I can walk fine other than I've got so much padding around my knees I can't bend them that well so I have to take small steps. Small, penguin waddle steps that is.

1 comment:

Lisa Dovichi said...

How nice of you to try out my Christmas present before you send it. Now take off my earrings and get them in the mail, Penguin Girl!!