Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cuttlebug cutie

We braved the rain this morning to go run some errands, including a trip to Joann's so that I could check out some scrapbooking stuff that was on sale. Top of my list was a manual die cut/embossing machine. I have an electric Cricut, but I needed something that I could use dies with and emboss with. Since their machines were 40% off I was able to score a Cuttlebug (because my first choice of a Sizzix was sold out).
Much to my surprise it came with a free four-pack of embossing plates and a postage stamp design die. So far I've lovingly caressed the plates and read the instruction manual, but I haven't hefted the little beauty out of the box yet and started experimenting. So excited to have a new toy that I'll only use once or twice a year, but Lord knows I needed it!

Now I'm back down on my ass reading the paper and enjoying a hot cup of cinnamon flavored Starbuck's coffee (I had a $1.50 off coupon). Chris is out in the garage making noise and playing around with his rusty bike frames. Boy stuff. Oh, big news - while out grocery shopping Chris ran next door and finally got his long, luscious locks cut. Now he looks like those murals of John Bidwell downtown - short hair with bushy, graying beard. And I, like Annie Bidwell, am ridiculously short. We make quite the pair.

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