Monday, November 22, 2010

New stamps

Today's activities can be summed up by this simple equation: me = couch + tv. I didn't go anywhere (other than Safeway for last minute Thanksgiving grub) or do anything harder than press play for all my recorded Giada episodes. It was my first day completely off pain pills so I was painfully aware of every ache going on in my body. The back of my thighs feel bruised and hurt every time I sit down, my right leg is still bleeding, and I smell like a dirty bum. I depress myself.

Unfortunately I'm out of scrapbooking as I finished my last page last night,
It was for mom's early birthday trip to the winery in Vina at the monastery. I love all the fall colors. I could have made more cards today, but I wasn't inspired. Until I got some new treats in the mail, that is. New stamps from Papertrey Ink.
The big set on the left is of banners, then a small set of some standard greetings, and one of a dress form with some more sayings. Super cute and begging to be used. Maybe I'll feel more like crafting tomorrow, which also coincides with my shower day, so I might actually be able to stand being in the same room with myself. Excellent!

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