Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Our black Friday involved sleeping in until 9:00 am before dragging ourselves out of our warm, warm bed into our cold, cold house. It's been getting down into the 20s at night which makes it really hard to be persuaded to get up and get moving. And certainly not at some ungodly 5:00 am hour. Instead of hitting the sales today we stayed at home and did busy work. Chris raked about 50 pounds of leaves in the back yard while I went and played in my craft room for a little bit. I was able to finish one card before getting bored and wandering back out into the living room.
I at least got to play with some of my new stamps that just came in the mail.

This afternoon we watched one of our Blockbuster movies, The Book of Eli. It's a post-apocalyptic movie with Denzel Washington. Meh, I've seen better. We're taking it back tomorrow and trading it in for another one. I'll be along this time so I'll be able to karate-chop any bad ideas right out of the boy's hand.

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