Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday morning errands

After our new favorite show, Regis & Kelly, was over this morning we got all duded up and headed into town to run our errands before it got all crazy-busy out there. I'd sent more photos to WalMart to pick up and then sweet talked Chris into taking me over to Maisie Jane's to pick up some thank-you gifts for my surgeon and the surgery center. Last time I delivered goodies from Great Harvest Bread Co, but I didn't want to get the same thing twice so I branched out a little bit. Maisie Jane's is out on the south end of Walnut/Nord and mainly deals in nuts, but also sells sweets and other edibles from local growers. From their website I'd already eyeballed a sweet & savory almond gift set that looked perfect and luckily was able to find it in their store.
I grabbed one set for each office and will drop them off tomorrow when I go back in to get my stitches removed (hopefully).

This morning I also talked to my mom and found out it was okay to open a package that she'd had shipped to me from Lucero Olive Oil in Corning.
An olive oil and balsamic vinegar sampler set. I'd worked with the sister of the owner, and she'd given me a little three bottle sampler earlier in the year which I'd absolutely loved. So I showed a bigger sampler set to my mom as a Christmas idea for me, but she made it a Thanksgiving gift instead! Seven different flavors of olive oil (including a lemon and mandarin orange) and five flavored balsamic vinegars, including my new favorite - blueberry. They're little bottles, 50 ml, which is like the size of small, restaurant size Tabasco sauce bottles. It's the perfect size to enjoy each flavor without being stuck with it for six months. And if you find one you love, you can always buy one of the bigger bottles. I can't wait to bust it open!

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