Monday, November 15, 2010

One toasted toaster oven

After six well served years, our little toaster oven was sounding a little worse for the wear. The heating elements were warped, it was making a scary clicking sound, and one of the adjustment buttons broke a while ago. So, while Chris was out running errands this morning, he stopped at Kohl's and picked up a new toaster oven that was on sale for $25 and used a $10 off coupon we got in the mail for a super deal.
It's a little smaller, but that just leaves me more counter space to make a mess on.

I had another visitor today, Pam who used to be our receptionist at work, stop by for a quick hello and bit of gossip. She liked my compression garment, saying they just looked like leggings since they have lace around the ankles. I also talked to some co-workers who were just checking on my progress and were glad to hear I was doing so well. Wouldn't want them to forget about me yet!

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