Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall into baking

When my warden wasn't looking I wandered outside this morning to check out the fall colors in the neighborhood.
The Japanese Maple by the front door is changing to a deep red and the ornamental plum trees are in their full red glory. I love this time of year.

I was first one up this morning because my back was starting to ache from not moving all night long and I needed a pain pill, so I got up and got breakfast started. Chris had picked up some apples at the store yesterday so I made a Dutch apple pancake.
This time of year always reminds me of baking and gets me itchin' to be in the kitchen. While we were at Raley's this morning I accidentally found a baking display full of every flavored baking chip imaginable. I limited myself to three...
Heath toffee bits, cinnamon chips and a mix of dark chocolate and mint chips. No, I don't currently have plans for any of these, but if I did find a recipe I'd want to be ready, right??

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